Sunday, June 22, 2014

Honey-Dijon Spinach Salad with Veggie Bacon

Vegetarian "bacon" is available in most large supermarkets in the U.S., usually refrigerated or frozen.

I discovered that it's a great way to top a salad of baby spinach leaves tossed with my homemade Honey-Dijon Dressing.


3 or 4 strips vegetarian "bacon"
4 to 6 ounces (4 to 6 cups) fresh baby spinach
4 to 6 tablespoons Honey-Dijon Dressing

Cook the "bacon" according to package directions. Crumble and set aside.

Place the spinach in a large bowl. Add the dressing to the spinach, tossing well. Use only enough dressing to lightly coat all of the spinach with the dressing.

Transfer the dressed spinach to individual serving dishes. Sprinkle the "bacon" evenly atop each salad.

Serve immediately.

-- 2-4 servings


  1. My daughter loves veggie sausage I am going to give the bacon a try. Thanks for bringing this to foodie friday.

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