Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Protein Problem

No, a vegetarian's protein problem isn't how we'll get enough of it. A vegetarian's protein problem is the fact that non-vegetarians so often respond to our dietary choice by asking how we get our protein. People are conditioned to associate protein with meat. And it gets tiring.

First of all, Americans tend to eat too much protein. Here is what the American Heart Association has to say about it:
"Most Americans already eat more protein than their bodies need. And eating too much protein can increase health risks. High-protein animal foods are usually also high in saturated fat. Eating large amounts of high-fat foods for a sustained period raises the risk of coronary heart disease, diabetes, stroke and several types of cancer. People who can't use excess protein effectively may be at higher risk of kidney and liver disorders, and osteoporosis."
That said, vegetarians - and even vegans - can get all the protein we need from non-meat sources.

Good plant sources of protein include legumes, seeds, nuts, and nut butters; grains and cereals; soy products (including tofu and soy milk); seitan; and several fruits and vegetables.

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